At St. Mary’s Catholic School our mission is to be a community of faith in which we nourish each student’s spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional growth.



5th Graders Deliver!

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Mrs. Huckestein’s 5th grade class traveled to Durant, OK on  Wednesday, October 22nd, to deliver food items they collected from their can food drive for St. Catherine’s Food Bank.  The students began their day with Mass at St. Williams Catholic Church, delivered their food collection to St. Catherine’s Food Bank, helped bag food items, and assisted in distributing food to those in need.

2nd Grade Ant Invasion!

2nd grade ant/art invasion

The second grade students staged an ant invasion while reading Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion

New Altar Server

New altar server Gracie A.
New altar server Gracie A.

Gracie A., a 6th grader at St. Mary’s Catholic School helped altar serve at the Children’s Mass this Wednesday for the first time.

Who fixes all our computer problems?

Nathan Wieck, computer guru!
Nathan Wieck, computer guru!

If you see Nathan Wieck, please thank for his generosity of time and talent.

Dallas Diocese has a new Catholic High School for 2015

Click here to read the press release about this exciting news!

SMS Chess Club

Coach Ruiz prepares St. Mary’s students for chess competitions.  Chess Club meets every 1st & 3rd Wednesday.

Our Giving Tree

The SMS Giving Tree – October 14, 2014

Students at St. Mary’s Catholic School are participating in the Diocese of Dallas Our Faith . . .Our Future Capital Campaign.  The school hopes to raise $3,000 by the end of December.  For more information watch the YouTube video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQkmKocLwHE&w=560&h=315


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