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STEM Night

Welcome to St. Mary’s Father Steve!!

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The virtue for the month of September was “Trust”. The following students received awards: (PreK- Kinder) Dominic Orellana, (1st-2nd ) Cadence Hyde, (3rd-5th) Conall Beck, (6th-8th) Maria Brown.


How Sweet It Is to go to a Catholic School!

Everyone gets new things once in awhile and you give an excited hurray! New things are nice, but Saint Mary’s School is even better. It’s a trustworthy generational school I would recommend going to.

Getting an education at St. Mary’s is like eating your favorite sweet everyday and you never get tired of it. Here are some prospering qualities St. Mary’s has: First, we have limitless friendship. There’s never an extreme quarrel and everyone is respectful towards their classmates. Second, the teachers are high quality. They are extremely caring and passionate towards all. Most of all, I adore my schools religious beliefs. I can talk about Jesus and worship him during Wednesday Mass. I have been going to this amazing school for seven years since I was four and I realize I am really lucky to be a part of this wonderful institution, even a million candies and cakes wouldn’t total how sweet Saint Mary’s is!

~ Maria Brown, 5th Grader at St. Mary’s School


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