Why SMS?

Sending your child to St. Mary’s School will be one of the the best decisions you make in your life.  Our graduates are respectful, virtuous, well mannered, prepared for high school, and well educated in their faith. I cannot express the delight from high school teachers to have one of our graduates in their classroom.  I know that our graduates will continue to carry the light of Christ and become great, servant leaders of tomorrow.

    Academic Excellence in a Catholic and Christ-centered Environment

    St Mary’s School is a wonderful Catholic, family-oriented school with an outstanding tradition of excellence.

    Plug into academic resources that can propel your child into the greatest spiritual and academic success!
    Guiding students through sports with a focus on always maintaining a healthy mind, body and competitive spirit.
    Dedicated to the development of art to the highest degree possible as an expression of the gifts that God has given us.

    Your gift enables SMS to continue providing academic excellence in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment. On behalf of our students, families, faculty and staff, thank you!