St. Mary’s Catholic School is accredited by Texas Catholic Conference and holds membership in the National Catholic Education Association. Highly qualified professional educators staff the school, each one dedicated to the growth and development of the children entrusted to their care.

St. Mary’s seeks to assist the parents in laying a firm foundation for the spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of the students. The integration of a strong academic program with religious truths and values distinguishes this Catholic school and gives St. Mary’s its uniqueness.

St. Mary’s offers an excellent opportunity for children of all faiths. A combination of self-paced instruction and regular classroom structure maintain a high level of academic excellence. This challenges every pupil to reach their potential as a student of St. Mary’s Catholic School.

St. Mary’s is a proud institution: proud of its rich heritage of excellence, proud of its current level of excellent academic performance, and proud of the future that can be as right and promising as the past. We are committed to having one of the best primary schools in the nation. Will you join us? Great Service in the Past… Great promise for the Future!