Curriculum Standards

Catholic Education has its essential elements: Message, Community, and Service. St. Mary’s seeks the integration of this three fold dimension with total educational process in order that the child may grow in the knowledge and love of God, and in the awareness of, and commitment to, the basic Christian values of love and service to neighbor.

Our Catholic schools use a standards-based curriculum which defines all the information students learn, plus experiences they have in acquiring and using that information.

There are three types of standards: content, process and Catholic identity. The standards answer the questions for students, “What am I going to learn?”, “How am I going to apply it?” and “Who do I want to become?”

Teachers combine the content standards (what kids should know and be able to do) with process standards (critical thinking and decision making) to create rigorous instruction.

St. Mary’s offers a varied and in-depth program of learning from preschool through 8th grade. Our curriculum includes six core subjects: religion, English, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Spanish, music, art, physical education and STEM education round out our curriculum, designed to educate the whole child.

For a complete detail of our curriculum standards, please visit the following link:

Curriculum Standards – Dioceses of Dallas

St. Mary’s Catholic School and the Diocese of Dallas follow national standards, supplanting local and state guidelines.  We are accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED) and approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

Religion – A key goal of St. Mary’s Catholic School is to help every child grow in the knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Our centered environment emphasizes service, prayer, and discipline. Weekly Mass attendance enhances the children’s appreciation of the faith.

Pre-School – St. Mary’s pre-school program follows early childhood education standards developed by the Diocese of Dallas. The program provides a trusting and open atmosphere in which children can grow to their fullest potential as they develop a strong foundation intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.

STEM Education – Beginning in kindergarten, our students begin working on STEM skills to prepare for the unknown future.  Our SmartLab is designed to challenge and engage a student upon entering.  Concepts like “fail-forward” and collaboration are integral to this process.

Health – Health education is taught to Kindergarten – 8th grade. Students are taught proper hygiene, dental care, nutrition, circulatory system, and anatomy.

Music – Music programs are offered at all grade levels. Our annual Christmas program includes participation by all of our students and staff.

Physical Education – Our physical education program is modeled after the President’s Physical Fitness Plan. Our goal is for all students to successfully complete the age appropriate fitness schedules by the end of the school year.

Foreign Language – St. Mary’s students are educated in a secondary language from their earliest years. Spanish is taught in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Community Service – Community Service projects are included in our religious curriculum. Students learn the virtues of kindness and mercy through visits with the elderly and projects for the needy.

After School Program – Our After School Program is offered to students in all day pre-school through 8th grade. The After School Program does not meet on days when school is not in session or on early release days.

Early Arrival Program – Our Early Arrival Program is offered to students in pre-school through 8th grade. The Early Arrival Program does not meet on days when school is not in session or on late arrival days.