Home & School Association


Please join us at Panda Express for Tiger Time Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 3:00-9:00pm for a delicious time benefiting St. Mary’s School!

PLEASE remind your server that you are with St Mary’s and they will donate 15% back! Thank you so much for your support we really appreciate you!!!

Home and School Association Officers (2016-2017)

President: Stephanie Sylvester – stephaniesylvester3@gmail.com
Vice President: Zoe May – soebmay@gmail.com
Secretary: Beth Appleby – applebyb11@gmail.com
Treasurer: Leslie Young – leslieayoung@aol.com
Social Events Coordinator: Stephanie Foley – sfoley@stmarys-sch.org

Kate Shelley – kateshelley02@gmail.com

H.R.R. Coordinator: Donnette Diehl – donnettediehl@yahoo.com

To view the HASA Bylaws, please click here