St. Mary’s Catholic School is dedicated to academic excellence and inspiring a faith-filled community of lifelong learners and compassionate leaders. We commit to teaching Catholic values and to following Jesus through meaningful service, prayer and love.

Declaración de la Misión

La escuela Católica de Santa María es dedicada a la excelencia académica e inspira la fe a una comunidad llena de líderes compasivos. Nos comprometemos a la enseñanza de valores Católicos y seguir a Jesús a través de servicios significativos, oración y amor.


We, the faculty and staff of St. Mary’s Catholic School, believe that the Catholic school provides a unique form of education to the students it serves. We believe that we can only achieve these goals with the full cooperation of the parents. We encourage our students to put forth his/her best efforts at all times. In order that each student may work to his or her fullest potential, we provide a comfortable and safe environment. St. Mary’s School provides an academic environment in which students can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary for a productive Catholic Christian life.


We strive to help all students who leave our school to be:

Individuals Who Model Christ:

  • by exhibiting compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect
  • by making good moral choices
  • by serving others
  • by having basic knowledge of Catholic Christian doctrine, tradition, Scripture, and liturgy
  • by having the ability to engage in various forms of prayer

Diligent Lifelong Learners:

  • who possess a foundation of basic, academic skills leading to independent thinking and learning
  • who are effective communicators, collaborators, and decision makers
  • who exhibit an appreciation for the fine arts

Active Individuals:

  • who demonstrate knowledge of health, physical skills, and hygiene
  • who understand the need to care for their physical being, as it is a gift from God and a temple for their soul
  • who show respect for their own gifts and talents and for those of others

Responsible Citizens:

  • who conscientiously respond to the needs of society and the environment
  • who appreciate and understand our diverse society
  • who are cognizant of current events
  • who participate in the democratic process
  • who identify with, and participate in an active, faith-based community

Virtues Program

St. Mary’s students not only perform good acts, but give the best of themselves.

St. Mary’s believes each child must live a virtuous life.  This belief stems from our school’s mission.  Each day students are reminded of the virtue of the month from morning announcements to the last minute of the day.  Sometimes the monthly virtue associates to a particular saint or scripture passage.  At the end of the month four students receive the Virtue of the Month award.  This is a special award presented at the Children’s Mass by the pastor.

Why have virtues?

A soldier without courage, a doctor without care, a teacher without patience, a parent without prudence, a spouse without fidelity, a priest without faith, a leader without determination, a magistrate without integrity, a friend without loyalty are all partners to futility, not because they lack love, but because they lack the virtue to express it.

(The Heart of Virtue, Lessons from Life and Literature Illustrating the Beauty and Value of Moral Character, Donald de Marco, Ignatius Press)

Manners & Etiquette

St. Mary’s School focuses on manners and etiquette.  For example, students will not be permitted to respond, “Uh-huh” or “yeah”.  Instead the school expects to hear, “Yes Ma’am” or “No Sir”. Within this proper response is a respect for the person receiving an answer – a respect worthy of all God’s children.

The goal of developing manners and etiquette as a habit will take time and effort.  Certainly efforts from home strengthen this school-wide program.  The school faculty selected the “Essential Ten” manners and etiquette from a list of over 150 that we felt our school needed to spend the most time addressing.

The Essential Ten Virtues

  1. Greeting Visitors
  2. Saying “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Sir” instead of “uh huh” or “yeah”
  3. Saying “Excuse me” if someone bumps into you (even if it is not your fault)
  4. Holding a door for others
  5. The Magic Words (i.e. Please, Thank you, You’re Welcome)
  6. Giving and Receiving Apologies
  7. Interrupting
  8. Good Hygiene
  9. Respecting Other’s Property
  10. Being a Good Sport

Catholic Schools Week

13-14 CSW_Logo_Circle_CMYK

Important News About National Catholic Schools Week

History of St. Mary’s Catholic School

National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. It starts the last Sunday in January and runs all week. St. Mary’s School holds many events during this week of celebration including a quiz bowl, scavenger hunt, mystery saint of the day, book fair, HASA Family Night and the Reverend Thomas Cloherty Religion Scholars Team Competition

Originally founded as St. Joseph Academy in 1877 by the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, St. Mary’s School has a long- standing tradition in the Grayson County community. For over seventy-five years, the school existed as both an elementary and secondary school. During the last fifty years or so the school has offered primary education for its students. In 1966, a kindergarten was added, and in 1988, a preschool.

After one hundred fourteen years of dedicated service and love for their students, the Sisters of St. Mary retired from active teaching. The fall of 1991 brought forth a new era of an all lay faculty, each dedicated to continuing the excellence of education instilled by the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur.