Dear Prospective Family or St. Mary’s Catholic School Family,

Thank you for your interest in Catholic Education.  Many families must sacrifice to keep Christ’s presence in their child’s classroom. As you may know the cost to educate one child at St. Mary’s Catholic School is well over $6000.  With multiple fundraisers and a subsidy from St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, the school is able to lower this amount.

You are visiting this web page because you have requested information about scholarships and tuition assistance. Below you will find information about the online application process, frequently asked questions and the work agreement.


St. Mary’s School, in conjunction with the Dallas Diocese, processes applications via FACTS, a third party company. FACTS will collect and process all sensitive or confidential information. FACTS is an independent company and processes applications over the Internet.  FACTS requires tax records from the current year.  If you need help faxing documents or accessing the Internet, please contact the school. FACTS does not determine any tuition assistance or scholarships. They merely provide information to the school administration and appropriate committees.

Please know that the school administration will try to match your talent with the needs of the school and keep the amount of work proportional to the amount of assistance provided.  If you would like to speak with the principal regarding any portion of this process, please call the school office to schedule a meeting time.  You may also email the principal with any questions at


Phillip Scheibmeir


St. Mary’s Catholic School


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Application Process & FAQs

El Proceso de Solicitar Las Becas y La Ayuda Financiera (Unas preguntas importantes) in Espanol Haga clic aquí

For information about what kinds of scholarships and tuition assistance are available, please read Scholarships At SMS

How the process works:

Families must submit an application online at FACTS by the appropriate deadline. For new families, such deadlines may be extended. For more information about each deadline, please read Scholarships At SMS.

A parent letter on specific information about the application is provided at the end of this document.

What is the cost?

A $30 fee will be required per family application per year. One application extends to all available scholarships & tuition assistance. One does not have to pay additional fees to be eligible for more than one scholarship.

What information is asked on the application?

The application asks about a family’s income, medical expenses, number of family members, how much the family can contribute towards tuition and other important questions. This information is kept confidential through the FACTS company.

What happens after I complete my application?

When the online application has been finalized, the principal will meet with the Tuition Assistance Committee and determine how much tuition assistance each family receives, if any. As a courtesy, please contact the principal that your application has been completed online.

What if I do not have access to Internet?

Any family is welcome to use the school computers in the conference room.  Please contact the school office to schedule a time.

Is there any follow-up paperwork?

After completing the application, families may schedule an appointment with the school principal to provide additional information not asked on the application.  The principal, in conjunction with the family, will complete the Tuition Assistance Follow-up Form.  This may be completed via email, in person or over the phone, whichever is convenient. Furthermore, any one page letter from a pastor is welcome (Note: such a letter is not needed for any family attending St. Mary’s Catholic Parish since the pastor resides on the committee). Please also see below, “What factors influence the committee?” .

Who is eligible for assistance?

Each scholarship & tuition assistance has a specified eligibility. For more information, please read Scholarships At SMS.

What factors influence the committee ?

Need – each applicant will be given an opportunity to explain why they are seeking assistance when meeting with the principal.

Sacrifice – the committee is willing to help those families that make the sacrifice for their children.  Evidence of this commitment is shown mostly by example.

Commitment to the Catholic Faith – the purpose of a Catholic education is to reinforce those Christian values promoted and established within the family.  If the family is not attending church regularly, then what purpose will Catholic education serve beyond the parochial school atmosphere?

Stewardship – a family should contribute regularly to their church.  The amount of money given is not what influences the committee’s decision.  The purpose here, again, is to show commitment from our families.

What expectations are placed upon families that receive scholarship or tuition assistance?

Each family will be required to assist the school beyond the traditional volunteer expectations.  Ideally, the school tries to match talent with need, though this may not always be possible.  Parents will be given a work agreement form prior to the beginning of the school year detailing these expectations.

How much assistance can I receive?

St. Mary’s Catholic Parish has limited funds. Every effort will be made to help those families that are struggling. No family will receive 100% financial assistance.

From where does the funding come?

The majority of funding for tuition assistance comes from the pews of St. Anne’s Catholic Church (New church of St. Mary’s Catholic Parish).  There are a few trust funds from generous Catholics as well as fundraisers held by the school and diocese.

Who is on the committee?  The committee consists of the pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, representatives from St. Mary’s Finance Council, the principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School and any individual the pastor may so choose to appoint.

Will I have to meet in front of the committee?  No, the principal will act as your liaison when meeting with the committee.  The principal may meet with families to ensure all documentations are complete and provide you the opportunity to present your situation.

When will my application be due?

Most deadlines are April 1st.  This will allow the principal enough time to meet with each family.

When does the committee meet?  The anticipated time will be in late April or early May of each year.  New families recently relocated to the area or families considering St. Mary’s Catholic School during the summer will be given a subsequent meeting in late Summer.

Since I am requesting tuition assistance, will I be required to pay the full registration fee?  A reduction of the registration fee may be considered by the committee.


Dear Parent:

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will be conducting the financial need analysis for St. Mary’s Catholic School for the upcoming school year.  Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by April 1st. For new families this deadline may be extended. Applicants can apply online beginning January 1st of the current year at FACTS. The following information is required in order for FACTS to process your application:

  1. Submit a completed online application. Please do not submit multiple applications.  FACTS will process one application per household.
  2. Payment of the $30 nonrefundable application fee.
  3. Copies of a tax return.  Copies include IRS Federal Form 1040, 1040A or 1040-EZ U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (2 pages), including all supporting tax Schedules C or C-EZ, Schedule E, Schedule F, Depreciation Form 4562, S Corporation Form 1120S (4 pages) & Schedule K-1 and Form 8825, Partnership Form 1065 (5 pages) & Schedule K-1 and Form 8825, Estates and Trusts Form 1041 & Schedule K-1.  If applicant and co-applicant file separately, we require both tax returns for the same tax year. We do NOT accept State tax returns.
  4. Copies of all past year’s W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for both you and your spouse. NOTE: If you are applying before you have received all your past year’s W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, please submit them as soon as they become available.
  5. Copies of all supporting documentation for household Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Make sure to check the primary email address regularly for Notices sent by FACTS indicating missing information or tax documents.  Application deadlines are set by the school or institution awarding the scholarships. If you are applying after a given deadline date, please contact your school or institution to ensure that your application will be accepted.

NOTE: Award decisions are not made by FACTS, but by the organization providing the scholarship.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-315-9262.


St. Mary’s Catholic School