Students at St. Mary’s School take the IOWA & CogAT test in October. The purpose of taking the test during the Fall semester is to determine within the curriculum standards where the school needs to focus instruction.  The IOWA is not used as a scorecard for ranking school performance.  We believe the academic excellence of St. Mary’s speaks for itself.

St. Mary’s does not believe in teaching to the test.  We do not mock test or practice test with exception to having 3rd graders learn how to bubble answer sheets. Students in Grades 1-2 circle answers on consumable tests.

The IOWA is a norm referenced test designed to display how your child compares to other students his age and within his grade level (AKA The Bell Curve).  The CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) identifies how your child thinks, providing a profile sheet with suggested learning strategies for your child.

Strengths of IOWA

  1. Scores are likely accurate.  The test is usually piloted before deployed at large.
  2. The test scores are compared to a large population of similar aged students.
  3. The tests have broad coverage of curriculum and helpful in comparing to national scores.
  4. Helpful in identifying at risk students or Gifted & Talented