2017-2018 — K-8 — St. Mary’s Catholic School

Number of Children *Supporting Parishioner Non-Supporting Parishioner
1 Child $5,665 $6,110
2 Children $8,895 $9,590
3 Children $11,110 $11,975

Scholarship information for K-8 is available upon request.

*Supporting Parishioner status requires:
1) active membership with St. Mary’s Catholic Parish

2) annual minimum tithing of $520

3) regular Sunday attendance at St. Anne’s Catholic Church

APPLICATION:     A $25.00 application fee is required for all new K-8th students. This fee is non-refundable.

REGISTRATION:    A $375 registration fee is required for all new K-8th students.  This fee includes the expense of textbooks and school supplies.  The fee is non-refundable unless St. Mary’s Catholic School cannot accommodate the student.

BUILDING FEE:    A $150 building fee per family is required.  The fee is non-refundable.  This fee may be financed along with tuition.

2017-2018 PreK Tuition

PreK3 & PreK4 Full Day $4,915
PreK 1/2-Day $3,275
PreK Full Day MWF $3,275
PreK Full Day TTh $2,100
PreK 1/2-Day MWFh $2,100
PreK 1/2-Day TTh $1,410

SCHOLARSHIPS & TUITION ASSISTANCE: Scholarships and Tuition Assistance are available to qualified families of registered and accepted students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. For more information, please read Scholarships & Tuition Assistance or contact the school office.

REFUND POLICY: St. Mary’s Catholic School requires tuition payment in full or finance paperwork completed on or before June 1st for the next upcoming school year. Exceptions are made for new families.  In general, tuition is non-refundable. If however a student leaves before the second semester of the school year begins, one-half (50%) of the student’s full tuition payment will be refunded. Except in extreme circumstances, such as the case where the School’s principal determines that the school cannot meet the needs of a particular student, no other tuition refund is available. The decision whether to grant any tuition refund because of extreme circumstances will be made by the principal.

TUITION AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: All families will establish an account with FACTS in order to pay tuition or other expenses (i.e. lunch, field trips, fees). Families paying a lump sum tuition payment will be charged only a $20 set-up fee.  Families making 10 monthly tuition payments from July to April will be charged a $46 set-up fee.