St. Mary’s students not only perform good acts, but give the best of themselves.

St. Mary’s believes each child must live a virtuous life.  This belief stems from our school’s mission.  Each day students are reminded of the virtue of the month from morning announcements to the last minute of the day.  Sometimes the monthly virtue associates to a particular saint or scripture passage.  At the end of the month four students receive the Virtue of the Month award.  This is a special award presented at the Children’s Mass by the pastor.



Why have virtues?

A soldier without courage, a doctor without care, a teacher without patience, a parent without prudence, a spouse without fidelity, a priest without faith, a leader without determination, a magistrate without integrity, a friend without loyalty are all partners to futility, not because they lack love, but because they lack the virtue to express it.

(The Heart of Virtue, Lessons from Life and Literature Illustrating the Beauty and Value of Moral Character, Donald de Marco, Ignatius Press)

Virtue Calendar