We strive to help all students who leave our school to be:

Individuals Who Model Christ:

  • by exhibiting compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect
  • by making good moral choices
  • by serving others
  • by having basic knowledge of Catholic Christian doctrine, tradition, Scripture, and liturgy
  • by having the ability to engage in various forms of prayer

Diligent Lifelong Learners:

  • who possess a foundation of basic, academic skills leading to independent thinking and learning
  • who are effective communicators, collaborators, and decision makers
  • who exhibit an appreciation for the fine arts

Active Individuals:

  • who demonstrate knowledge of health, physical skills, and hygiene
  • who understand the need to care for their physical being, as it is a gift from God and a temple for their soul
  • who show respect for their own gifts and talents and for those of others

Responsible Citizens:

  • who conscientiously respond to the needs of society and the environment
  • who appreciate and understand our diverse society
  • who are cognizant of current events
  • who participate in the democratic process
  • who identify with, and participate in an active, faith-based community